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When should you get the carpet cleaning done?

carpet cleaning

Carpets take up a lot of space in our homes. Keeping them clean helps in maintaining the hygiene of the entire house. 

Ideally, carpets in the house should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every week and deep cleaned every six to twelve months. 

How to do carpet cleaning?

There are three ways to get carpet cleaning done.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning of carpets should be done once or twice every week to clean the dust from the surface and maintain the carpet. Vacuum the carpet back and forth slowly with repetitive strokes. It removes all the visible dust accumulated on the surface and makes it look cleaner.

DIY steam cleaning

When the vacuum cleaning is not enough to remove the stains or any spillage, you can go for DIY steam cleaning. It helps in removing the tough stains and deeper set dust and dirt. Avoid using the cleaning solution as it may leave a soapy residue which if not cleaned properly can attract more dirt. Also avoid using excess water as that can leave the carpet damp which may cause bad odour and lead to mold growth.

Professional carpet cleaning

Carpets may accumulate mold and dust mites which are microscopic and may get skipped while cleaning it yourself. They degrade hygiene at home and can also cause various kinds of allergies and other health problems. Professional cleaning should be done at least once a year to get rid of these agents that can harm your health and keep your carpet fresh and clean.

Other factors affecting the frequency of carpet cleaning

Apart from the regular carpet cleaning requirements, there are some other factors that influence how often should you be cleaning the carpet

Children at home

Stains and spills are unavoidable if you have young children at home. Also, the children tend to spend a lot of time playing on the carpet. To keep the carpet clean, hygienic and safe for children, it should be cleaned more frequently. Clean any mess or spills at once to avoid its settling in the carpet and get it professionally deep cleaned every 6 months by professionals that use eco-friendly cleaners.

Pets at home

Do you have pets at home? Are they allowed on the carpet? Even if your pets are well trained, they can still cause a lot of mess and the house needs extra cleaning with them. Pets can bring along a lot of dirt and other harmful contaminants to the carpet. Not only that, there can even be occasional urine and vomit accidents.  Even if you clean the mess at once, the bad smell can linger for longer. More frequently cleaning the carpet can help get rid of these smells and biological stains.

People with allergies or breathing problems in the house

Even when you vacuum the carpet, it may not completely remove the mites that cause allergies and lead to degradation of indoor air quality. It can get more serious if there are people already suffering from allergies or breathing problems at home as they may develop other health problems. Deep cleaning the carpet should be done more frequently to make the indoor air healthier for everyone at home.

Just because the carpet looks clean, doesn’t mean that it necessarily is. Follow the cleaning routine even if the carpet looks clean as it can still contain harmful microscopic agents.

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