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Carpet Stain Removal and Sanitizing

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Carpet Stain Removal and Sanitizing

Some stains are easy to remove from the carpets, while others are not. Different kinds of stains can require different cleaning techniques and methods.

In case of accidental or unknown stains, trying DIY techniques can cause damage to the carpet even more. The stain can get deeply set or the carpet colour can fade, destroying the look of your carpet. This can end with you having to replace the entire carpet which can be quite costly.

Elite Carpet Cleaning Perth offers Carpet Stain Removal and Sanitizing to help you get rid of those stains from your carpet.

Why choose Elite Carpet cleaning

Highly trained

Elite Technicians are highly skilled and trained to treat surfaces of carpets effectively. We understand all cleaning methods, techniques.

Advanced equipment and best cleaning products

Elite use only the most advanced and effective equipment and tools and our unique cleaning solutions for cleaning purposes.

Honesty first!

Certain tough stains can get deeply set and cause irreparable damage to the carpets. We let you know if this is the case and give you the best options.

Minimum waiting time after cleaning

Your carpet will be ready to walk on within the hour.

Elite Technicians are highly trained and remove even the toughest of stains effectively. We understand the different cleaning methods that need to be used so that no damage is caused to the carpet. We use only the best equipment, unique cleaning solutions and spot treatments.

 Elite Carpet Stain Removal along with sanitizing is the perfect combination to make sure your carpets are healthy, safe and germ-free.

Elite Super Sanitizer for your complete protection

Our specially formulated Elite Super Sanitizer protects you from all germs and infections. This cleaning product is made from Benzalkonium Chloride which has the property of killing germs on contact. That is why it is used as an antimicrobial agent and surfactant. It eliminates the harmful                                         

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