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Carpet, Fabric Protection and Sanitizing

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Carpet, Fabric Protection and Sanitizing

Carpets and other fabrics like upholstery add to the beauty of your space and these are also at a constant risk of getting dirty and stained since these are constantly exposed. If not cleaned regularly, they can detract from the general aesthetics.

Dirty carpets and fabrics can also accumulate a lot of harmful contaminants that can degrade the indoor environment. These contaminants can cause various health hazards and cause illnesses like allergies and other sickness. They can cause breathing problems and make it difficult for people already suffering from breathing problems or allergies.

Elite offers unique Carpet Protection and Fabric Protection formulations to help protect your carpets and fabrics.

Our treatment forms a barrier around your carpet and fibres. It helps in providing protection from any spills, dirt and grime on the carpets and fabrics. This can help protect them and increase their lifespan.

Elite Carpet Protection

Our Elite Carpet Protectors use the latest fluoro chemical technology to help protect your carpet. It forms an effective, invisible barrier on the carpet. Its function is to slow down the absorption of the liquids into the carpet, giving you enough time to wipe off the spills and save your carpet. Apart from liquids, it also prevents the dirt from setting in deep and makes vacuum cleaning more effective. The Elite Carpet Protector can stay effective for up to two years.

Elite Fabric Protection

The Elite Fabric Protector also functions the same way as the Carpet Protector. This means that it forms an invisible barrier on the fabrics and prevents the entry of any liquids and dirt. Thereby, helping prevent staining and getting tough deep-set dirt. After treating with our Fabric Protector, the fabric can be effectively cleaned using a vacuum cleaner regularly. The Elite Fabric Protector can stay effective for up to two years.

Our fabric and carpet protectors can help to look good and stay healthy.

Carpet and Fabric Protection along with sanitization make sure that your space is beautiful and safe for you!

Elite Super Sanitizer for your complete protection

Our specially formulated Elite Super Sanitizer protects you from all germs and infections. This cleaning product is made from Benzalkonium Chloride which has the property of killing germs on contact. That is why it is used as an antimicrobial agent and surfactant. It eliminates the harmful microorganisms from the surface and prevents their growth, thereby reducing the risk of infections.

But Elite Super Sanitizer is more than just a surfactant. It contains eucalyptus oil that effectively repels insects including mosquitoes and other biting insects. It is here to help you have a completely safe indoor environment.

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